This video is a very simple but effective video on the importance of prevention in child education.  That can mean parental education, early intervention, simply forms of aid to provide, protect and raise children.

The Upstream Solution



The Statistics are staggering!

Once you see the statistics such as these you can begin to understand the enormity of the problems we face in caring for children who do not have safe, healthy and loving homes.

  • Nationwide FIVE children die every day from abuse/neglect
  • Confirmed Victims of Abuse/Neglect in 2015:
  • Statewide 66,721
  • Hays County 465
  • Children Removed from their homes due to Abuse/Neglect in 2015:
  • Statewide 17,161
  • Hays County 167
  • Increase in child population in Hays County from 2010 to 2014: 45%
  • Increase in Hays children removed to State care from 2010 to 2014: 77%